Frequently Asked Questions

Qwetu is a brand of student residences in Nairobi City. The rooms are studio units only open to students. If you are college student studying at a University or College in Nairobi, you are eligible to live with Qwetu. Qwetu is offering students safety, high-end housing throughout Nairobi.
To be eligible to live at Qwetu, an applicant must be able to certify either (a) that he / she is currently enrolled as a student and is taking one or more courses, or (b) that the applicant is registered to take classes in the following semester. An applicant must not have been convicted of any offenses that are punishable by the laws of Kenya.
Yes, you can! If availability at the time of reservation allows you both to book the same type, in the same building, we would be happy to put you together. To make this possible, make sure that BOTH of you request to live with each other when you are making your reservation.
There is no curfew; our residences have 24-hour front entrance security and residents can enter with their Qwetu Access Card. However, most residences within Nairobi City have quiet hours that are from 10pm-8am. During final exams we may have 24-hour quiet hours in effect.
Qwetu has multiple options available. All of our properties and room types are different. The price will be depended by the type of room you are interested with and for more information, our Customer service team will assist you. Visit the property to see the different type of room and call for free 0800 730 333 for this detail.
We accept direct debit on all major credit cards. You may also pay via M-Pesa Pay Bill to the property. Please note that Qwetu does not accept personal checks. No Cash is accepted at any of our properties. Cash payments can only be made by depositing into the property bank account.
When making reservation, there will be a refundable Deposit equivalent to one month rent that MUST be paid to secure your reservation. Rent is payable monthly in advance by the 5th. We have customized the payment options to 1 month, 1-4 month, 5-8 months and 9-12 months: which if you pay for 12 months, you don’t have to pay a deposit. For more information kindly call, us for free on 0800 730 333.
Qwetu takes reservations all year round. Kindly go to website and book your accommodation option in the Choose Your Room section. You can also visit the property in person or call our Customer service team for free on 0800 730 333 to book.
Qwetu room includes a basic student-style furnished room with a regular double bed divan, mattress, wardrobe, desk with chair, pair of curtains with sheers, Cable Free-to-Air (premium service is not included), Wifi in your room and throughout the building, fitness and laundry facilities (laundry cost is not included), 24-hour security in the building, water, a modern kitchenette fitted with a safe gas cylinder, pipe, regulator and single infrared burner, a microwave, and a 7CUFT refrigerator. Our Onsite Customer Experience staff is on call 24/7 for emergencies and also plans several free and low-cost activities each month, which you are invited to attend.
Qwetu is committed to providing a safe and secure environment where one can comfortably live and pursue their studies. The safety department at Qwetu is overseen by a Security Manager with 15+ years of related experience, with a stellar career in the military. Professional security personnel are posted at the entrance of every Qwetu residence 24/7. There are also surveillance cameras and a biometric system throughout the buildings.
Since we are not on-campus housing, we do not offer meal plans. However, all Qwetu residences have a feature- modern kitchenette within each studio unit (cooking supplies not provided). In addition, every Qwetu residence features convenience retail outlets on the ground floor. These include a minimart, pharmacy, financial services outlet, a fast food restaurant, etc. We also offer a variety of discounts on deals with the retail outlets, local shops and restaurants.
Please note Qwetu does not provide towels/linen, kitchenware or housekeeping. Outside furniture is prohibited in the residence to ensure fire safety and cleanliness of the rooms. All of our beds are regular double divan beds, the mattress is 6 inches x 3.5 inches.
Qwetu takes reservations all year round. Kindly go to website and book your accommodation option in the Choose Your Room section. You can also visit the property in person or call our Customer service team for free on 0800 730 333 to book.
You will find most of the information you need to start planning your life with Qwetu in the FAQ section. You will also receive an email from the Customer service team providing you with all of the information you need.
An applicant needs to provide a copy of a valid current photo ID and a completed Booking Form, which is found on www.qwetu.co.ke Current IDs (valid), either a national ID for Kenyans or a Passport for non-Kenyans.
You will receive an email with details from the Onsite Customer Experience team at least two weeks prior to check-in. You will need to show a valid photo ID at check-in. A government-issued photo ID can be either a national ID or a driver's license. Non-Kenyan persons MUST present a passport.
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